A modern take on the shag has been popping up everywhere since late 2020, and this haircut trend still reigns supreme. This cut is perfect for anyone trying to embrace their natural texture and fans of lots of layering. 

“If you’re considering getting a shag style haircut, my advice would be why wait?!” Says cutting specialist and share enthusiast, Ciera Umbriaco (check out her work @rebelrebelhairhair).

“These styles can be worn with longer layers and a curtain bang; or with short layers and a baby bang. We can shorten the face-framing bits,  creating a shullet (shag/mullet), and literally ANY VARIATION in between! If you’re feeling nervous, there are baby steps we can take toward a full-blown shag. Carving these haircuts with a razor allows for a minimal effort toward everyday styling on most hair types and will grow softly, allowing you longevity out of the haircut. I’ve been wearing a shag for years now and it is the easiest, most low maintenance styled I have EVER had!” 


The sophisticated bob is a timeless classic that shows up in different variations season after season. For 2022 we are seeing a slightly shorter take-with the length laying just at the jawline.

The “Bixie” haircut is basically equal parts bob and pixie. This cut looks absolutely stunning paired with short curtain bangs! The Bixie can be customized to flatter the individual face shape and natural hair texture by utilizing razor and scissor cutting techniques for tons of movement.


Requests for sunnier blondes are becoming increasingly popular. Soft golden and buttery tones reflect more light, giving the color an all-over brighter finish with a healthy glow.

Bolder + brighter blonde is always a summertime goal. To keep ultra-light shades lived in and low maintenance, request a hybrid highlighting technique that combines soft baby lights and balayage for big pops of color: a subtle root shadow and a warm gloss compliment most skin tones, especially in the summer.


For a more commitment-free hue, try asking for a strawberry blonde or ginger tone in the form of a high-shine gloss that can be applied right over your current color. 


Soft and peachy pinks and rose gold hues are making a major comeback.

Bright, bold versions of the iconic pink aren’t going anywhere. You can also expect to see those in the know rocking periwinkle shades inspired by the 2022 Pantone color of the year, Very Peri.

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